This is majorly corny but…. I want a love like Brittana.


WCW: Naya Rivera in the Shadow Grey’s

August 26th: Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey leave their home to go to the Chelsea lately show in Los Angeles

Naya Rivera + Text Posts

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nayarivera Love Love Loving this pretty glam by @makeupari and @clydehairgod!!

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Yup Ariana is downgrade so I wish her fan would stfu about Naya, or I will go in on her “i only date grown man to make them look like pedophile ass.!”
Like I said don’t get mad at Naya cuz she look better then her! Tell that female to get rid of that ponytail then maybe ppl might see other then a 15 year old girl.

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Love Love Loving this pretty glam by @makeupari and @clydehairgod!!

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Demi Lovato at the 2014 VMAs Red Carpert

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what everyone was thinking during this scene

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