Naya’s tweet when she got the list of songs. Me thinks her care-o-meter on PROBLEM was the same as the other songs, below ZERO. I know everyone wants Naya to care or should I say show some sort of emotion towards Big Sean, Big Sean and Ariana Grande or Big Sean and his diss song because hello? drama and we love it. However, I truly believe Naya Rivera doesn’t gave a fuck and sooner you all get that, the easier it is to move on.


Perfect. 👌👏
Let’s show Naya our support!!

Get to know | The New Directions. (insp.)

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Like a Boss lol

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So rumor has it Santana Lopez will be taking part in singing “PROBLEM” …

Now at first, I was like: that must be awkward for Naya, you know, singing a song of your ex-fiancee and his new girlfriend …


But them, I’m like: “Poor Ariana! Naya is going to belt that song so perfectly that she’ll prove once again she’s so much better.”


And Naya'll be all:


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i’m really tired of the Naya slut shaming. She is a good person and doesn’t deserve to be called a slut for wearing revealing clothes. She has the body for it so why not? A slut is someone who sleeps around, does she do that? Is there concrete proof of that? No. She’s married, be happy for her.



Um bigsean nobody gives a fuck about you neither. Have you not been reading your album sells?


Big Sean is wack as fuck. He writes a song about how he doesn’t care about Naya Rivera…repeat, HE WRITES A SONG about how he “doesn’t care” about Naya Rivera. 

*side eye emoji*


When Naya hears Big Sean’s break up song…


Nah how old is Big Sean? Even I know that the best way to show you don’t give a damn about someone is to never mention that person again. You damn sure shouldn’t talk about them and you reallyyyy shouldn’t spend your time making a song about them 😭😭😭😭


Break up songs are fine. Break up songs are expected. Break up songs can offer a much needed release. Break up songs can actually be really empowering.

However, calling your ex a stupid ass bitch, a dumb ass bitch, a bird brain and saying that you just dodged a bullet from a crazy bitch is not okay. 

It’s disrespectful towards someone you claim that you once cared about and that language is demeaning towards women as a whole

It’s not okay.


Big Sean sounds like a complete fuck boy in this song about Naya Rivera.